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Focus Training

Lizzie is a registered nurse with over 18 years of experience working in accident and emergency departments in the south of England and Wales.  She is a skilled educator and has a dynamic style designed to make your training realistic and meaningful. 

With so much pressure on our emergency departments, your training will enable you to make better decisions about the care a patient needs and will give you the skills to recognise when you need to call for help.

First Aid Courses

AED Instruction

Immediate Life Support

Paediatric First Aid


Pet First Aid

Skills for life!


Your First Aid course will show you how to deal with simple sports injuries, cuts and burns. You will learn how to use a defibrillator and perform chest compressions and gain confidence to use those skills.

You will learn to recognise when you need to call for help and when you can deal with something yourself; and you will see that making the right decision can improve patient outcomes.

All equipment provided by Focus Training

Classes held at a suitable venue near you

Costs will vary depending on your needs so use the contact page and we can plan the right course for you

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