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Immediate Life Support for Dentists L3 VTQ

6 hour course giving you a GDC recognised qualification for your mandatory training. This course complies with GDC development outcomes C and is valid for one year. You will complete your face-to-face skills evaluation and have the opportunity to practise scenarios with resuscitation equipment. All courses are endorsed by TQUK

Emergency First Aid at Work L3 VTQ

6 hour endorsed by TQUK which will give you the skills to make decisions in an emergency. You will learn how to deal with minor injuries and come away with the confidence to help people in need. Courses can be offered to suit forestry workers, playground staff, cyclists and motorcyclists, teachers, sports clubs etc. Please email for more information before booking.


Immediate Life Support L3 VTQ

6 hour course underpinned by the Resuscitation Council UK. This training will provide you with the mandatory update required by your registering body and is valid for one year. You will have the opportunity to renew your airway management skills and will undertake your annual BLS assessment. 

Ideal for agency nurses, agency healthcare professionals such as radiographers and physios, TV and film medics, independent practitioners, event medics, repatriation medics and private ambulance services.

First Aid at Work L3 VTQ

3 day course providing you with the skills and knowledge to assist people with various injuries, minor illnesses and life-threatening conditions. You will learn how to make decisions in an emergency and spend time learning practical skills such as CPR and wound management. The course is endorsed by TQUK and is valid for 3 years. You will come away with skills for life!


Paediatric First Aid

Various courses covering the assessment and management of infants and children who may have suffered an injury or become unwell. This training will explain how to assess children and give you "insider tips" to make that process as easy as possible for you! You can choose a 6 hour course or a longer, 2-day course with more detail on the management of childhood illnesses etc. Training is good for parents, families, child minders, au pairs and professional nannies, teachers, playground staff, support workers caring for displaced children etc. Please contact me to discuss your needs so that the right course can be found for you. *The price shown is for a 6 hour paediatric first aid course*

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